Q: When do new comics come in?

A: We receive them on Tuesdays every week, and they are available for purchase every Wednesday

Q: Do you carry ______ game?

A: As of right now we only support Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic the Gathering. If there is enough interest in a specific game, that is not provided anywhere in the nearby vicinity, we will consider selling said product in our store.


Q: Do you buy comics?

A: As of right now, we are not looking to purchase any further comics. We have 100 more long boxes of comics to sort through (roughly 30,000 issues). Once we are nearing the end of our collection, we will consider buying specific comics.


Q: Do you buy Magic cards?

A: We will purchase certain MtG cards, for in-store credit ONLY. This credit can be used in only the gaming/comic portion of the store.


Q: Do you buy books?

A: We buy back books at a quarter of cover price, for in-store credit only. This credit can be used in the book portion of the store only.

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